Category integration is the core of the current department store industry


For e-commerce, its core competitiveness is category management, and it is often easier to form offline consumption drive from the core category.

The power of core categories

The new retail gives us a reference to find the core category, which creates a series of services and experience.

For example, cosmetics in department stores form offline advantages through a series of services derived from cosmetics. Relative to the previous idea of full category expansion, such a direction can often achieve better results. Therefore, seeking differentiation and establishing core competitive categories is also a direction of seeking change in the future.

Category reorganization and integration

Category reorganization is also one of the outlet of department store reform, the original department store category display is set according to the floor plan. The first floor is basically cosmetics and gold jewelery, the second floor is a girl's dress, and the third floor is a mature women's dress, the fourth floor is a men's clothing... This category is monotonous and lacks new ideas.

The achievement that inspects to retail efficiency is checked now much a word is called "successive buy rate", can you buy a pair of glasses or adorn article incidentally when you buy a dress namely, such layout way often makes consumer buy consumption to produce inconvenience.

At present, Today, some product categories should be split and reorganized
Different categories such as women's wear, jewelry and shoes can be combined to design different consumption scenarios according to different consumers, so as to meet the diversified needs of consumers.

For example, you can learn from the MUJI model and pass on the lifestyle by reorganizing the sale of household items and daily necessities. Make the life attitude of a kind of identification to guide consumers, from selling goods to sell way of life, from the combination of different content appeal to different target consumers, to meet the needs of the different scenarios.