With the rapid development of the years and the quickly changed technologies, people's life has greatly changed under the proposition of intellectualization. However, being busy has become people's life mode. Every one moves forward with the pressure of the age, and promises to the family and friends: "have time to have dinner together", "have time to travel together" and "have time to go home to see"......

How to make the busy people return to life is the problem, that hiDeer has been thinking. Therefore, hiDeer pursues the "natural, simple and comfortable" life philosophy, and always insists on the design concept of "paying attention to life beauty and experience feeling". The overall designs of hiDeer are mainly the simple Nordic Style. hiDeer signs with the top independent designer in Northern Europe to create life creations with design inspiration and utility functions for the users. hiDeer hopes to structure a space close to nature with simple design style for people, to create functional areas with the specific demand to make life more comfortable and return to the essence of life.


From the first moment that you hear "hiDeer" you will get to know the philosophy that we hold. Our philosophy is passionately based on greeting for life which is full of beautysimplicity and functional. it makes you stop to enjoy the place where you are , this deep concept is what the interior designer Norman wanted to deliver who established hiDeer did not come by coincidencehe traveled around the world to achieve it. cities, nature and art museums were all inspiring him to come up with great ideas that captivating European designs came from. Norman is doing what he is good at,so that he established hiDeer with no hesitation to make the beaitiful life a reality that you deserve to enjoy your life with.




Returning to the essence of life is the insistence of hiDeer, hiDeer thinks that everyone has a unique understanding of life, hiDeer hopes to jointly explore, discover and structure with them. hiDeer hopes that everyone is able to find their life interest in the product.
The overall design style of hiDeer takes the Nordic Style as the blueprint, there's the wisdom of nature and the inspiration of art integrated in the design. Via the design, the people will be pulled out from the busy rhyme to well feel the life in the rare leisure.