In Northern Europe, Deer is the elf of nature. They walk on the wide field, see the world in the forest, they mean continuous reproduction breed in an endless succession and the strong vitality, at the same time, they also mean make people long for freedom and the free and natural life.

hiDeer uses Deer as the LOGO is hoping that, the simple design will awaken people's desire on hugging nature, to help them to cross the riddle of busy life, find back the real look of ego, return to essence of life and seek for the leisure of their own.



Extreme designs are the foundation for hiDeer to explore the beauty of life.

HiDeer makes the design as the guide, matching strong designer team, and starting from the preference of consumers, hiDeer explains the simple and layered design feeling through the neat line and simple color lump, thus building the "high appearance" of products. For this reason, the founder of hiDeer goes to Denmark, Norway and Sweden for several times to seek for the designers who are most suitable for the design concept and design style of hiDeer to form the design team of hiDeer, which settles firm, deep and unique foundation for the product design of hiDeer.



Store Supervisor


1. college degree or above, major in marketing, art design, etc.; above

2. 1 year experience in purchasing or equivalent position in large chain retail enterprise

3. relevant high quality supplier resources, familiar with supplier assessment system



HiDeer integrates R&D, design, supply and sales. The main products are the household supplies, cover the fields of daily life, and provide people with practical products and the inspiration of life.  


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Paris branch

Add 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France


Add B, Ocean View Court, 2-8 coursing Road, North Point, HongKong,China.

London Branch

Add The Broadway,London,E15 1WG

Venice Branch

Add Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi, Rialto Bridge, 30124 Venice, Italy

Florence Branch

Add Via Ruota al Mandò, 50066 Reggello Firenze, Italy